Wednesday, February 3, 2016

BT66 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

BT66 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Supports usb cell phone chargers
Supports MP3 & Wave format music
Supports devices that contain multiple folders
Supports fuse function
Vibrant varnish look and will not fade
Automatically plays music once turned on
Infrared remote control
Works in 12v-24v
Bluetooth hands free calls
Unconventional inlays in the blue tooth conversation module with answering and dialing calls
Pairs easily to blue tooth function, blue tooth broadcasts music and calls through the stereo
Micro SD slots allows for even more music to be played
You can put many and many songs on a Micro SD card but just know that some songs may still not be able to be played.
Supports up to a 32GB Micro SD card and allows you to played transferred music.
The output USB connection can charge any device via a USB cable. So there is no worry about them running low on battery.
Supports auxiliary cable input
A new generation of multi functional transmitter, equipped with AUX input, plug in your phone or any device to listen to music.
Supports 12v-24v
The wide voltage design, this machine cigarette butt provides the protective tube, protects the machine and the automobile electric circuit effectively does not suffer injury, suits many kinds of vehicle types

Charging function
Can fully charge your phone.  Will also charge any other device while driving.

Supports two charging cables at one time.

  360° swivel makes viewing the transmitter at any angle easier

Shock-proof plastic design:
Shock-proof rubber buffers from any jolts causing power failure
Supports Fast Forward & Rewind making getting to the song that you want to play a lot easier.

Accepts Calls Via Bluetooth:
Allowing you to answer calls while driving which is a good safety feature and will help you from diverting your attention from the road.

Shockproof rubber, axis design, revolving knob will turn volume up and down for both music or phone calls.

Music is played through Bluetooth by pairing up a device,

The dual USB interface supports charging different devices.

When the transmitter is powered off it has a memory function, also supports the infrared remote control.

To find out more about the BT66 Bluetooth FM Transmitter or to purchase one for 21.99 click HERE


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