Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ihreesy Dual-Lens DVR Rearview Mirror

   This is definitely a device that every car should have and installed. A lot of cars come with back up cameras to help us all watch the back of cars to help prevent us from hitting something. So why not have a camera to help us all watch and protect the front of our car in case of a accident, crazy driver or maybe being able to help someone else out if they have accident too. I absolutely would love to own one of these devices and I truly believe everyone should equip their car with one.

             1.Driving recording instrument has a special processor unit, which means it will not shut off nor does it feel hot. A very stable device.
                                                                                                                                                                            2.       High definition day and night mode
24 hour monitoring
When a collision happens automatic recording starts for 15 minutes.  The device detects a collision starts recording which will be saved onto the unit which could help if needed with insurance or court.

When a person's shadow is detected automatic video recording will start. When the recording stops it is saved directly to the device.

User friendly storage

The collision video frequency automatic locks onto the storage (when collision video locks itself onto the storage you will be able to watch it on a computer. You can only then delete the video if needed)

Circulation video recording storage (what that means is that when device starts recording and it shuts down if there is a new file to be saved it will skip a important document and be saved after that. circulation memory also does not need manual deletion.)

Manual fixed storage (manual storage locks important documents and avoids deleting documents automatically)

Double lens with a wide angle

Ultra wide-angle photographic lens (170° wide-angle double lens, close to 360° photographs)
12,000,000 picture element lens

Six glass lens 12,000,000 picture elements (ihreesy driving recording device C11 with 6 precise optical lenses, the blue glass Hybrid light filter is composed with high quantum efficiency image sensor camera. Comprehensive with a photograph to experience. The clear waterproof lens, high material quality and ultra waterproofing)

1080P clear video recording

FULL HD clear resolution (1920x1080) recording which makes everything clear
Back-draft phantom

The positioned 800W camera with back-draft will guard against the collision
Optics guard against damaging the blue mirror

The ihreesy optical blue mirror guards against reflective light, the 100% filtration guards against headlamp glare. No glare makes driving a lot safer.

A 4.3 inch large screen with phantom screen demonstration

User friendly buttons on the bottom of the rear view mirror

Reliable secured clips that attach to the original rear view mirror

Multi language support (Chinese, English, Japanese and many more)

Product Information:
When driving the device records. It can read-write video data to the memory card, the cards fast data retrieval and recording is high.

Make sure that the memory card matches to the device or it could appear that the device is not working properly.

This store on Amazon carries memory cards that are high speed memory cards that are compatible with our device.

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