Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cafe Press Christmas Gift Guide

Cafe Press has some really great customizable gift for the holidays. Not only the for holidays really for any special occasion. Here are some pictures of items that they carry to customize.

I have recently came across a really fantastic site where you customize and personalize things for  yourself, family, children and many others.  Cafe Press also has cards that can be personalized for just about every occasion you can think of.

Here are few of the accessory items that they have available:

Cafe Press also carries different types accessories like cups, bottles, pillows and electronic accessories that can be personalized too.  
Below are a few pictures of item that they carry:

Drinking Glasses

That is just to name a few to check out all of the accessories that Cafe Press carries visit the following site:

    .Cafe Press also offers Christmas Cards and Invitations.
    I was equally surprised to see that they also offered different types of cards and invitations too. Below are 5 of the different designs that they have on their site that I have decided to use this up and coming holiday. My only problem is deciding which one to use.
    Christmas cards as low as $0.64 each.
    Tree Invite Green custom invitation cardCelebrate Invite Blue custom invitation card
    Dove Invite Blue custom invitation cardOrnament Invite Red custom invitation card
    Holiday Invite White custom invitation card


    Make your Christmas party a huge success by starting with custom invitations. Simply use our Christmas invitation templates to quickly and easily make your own personalized holiday invitation cards. More affordable than cards you'll buy at the department store, our Christmas invitations let you be creative and add your special touch to party invitations. Plus when you make your own invitations online, friends, family & colleagues are sure to say "yes" and come ready to enjoy themselves. As with all CafePress stationery, personalized holiday invitations come with our100% Satisfaction Guarantee. And to make sure  your cards arrive in plenty of time, most invitations ship within 24 hours of your order.
    See results for  party in the Happy New Year category

    Cafe press also has wedding invitations which are so much better priced then some other companies that I have see out there. I plan on using Cafe Press to order some for mine. I have choosen this design but they way many other choices too.

    They have so many other designs available too. Cafe Press looks so easy to use and the prices are great too. To look at any of the designs available and make a purchase visit the following website


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