Thursday, February 25, 2016

No.1 Car Windshield Sunshade Review

I got this item at a discount in exchange for my personal unbiased honest opinion.

I live out here in the desert and at any given time of the year the sun is always beating down on my cars dashboard. I had purchased a sunshade for my car from Wal-Mart but it for one did not fit in my car's windshield plus it really did not protect my dashboard or keep my car cooled down at all. When I first received the windshield sunshade by X-Shade I thought okay this looks wide enough to fit my car's windshield but I thought it felt pretty thin so how was something like that going to protect my dashboard or keep my car cool.

Well I have to honestly say that I am truly loving this sunshade because not only does it fit my car's windshield but it honestly keeps my car cooler plus protects my dashboard from the hot desert sun. The sunshade is easy to put up into my windshield and this is the first one that I have ever owned that actually does stay up in the windshield too. Then when I am ready to take it down it folds up into a nice round circle that easily stores away in the cover that it comes with and then I just keep it underneath my seat until the next time that I need it.  

 You can purchase the No. 1 Car Windshield Sunshade on AMAZON for $15.97 by clicking HERE


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