Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rehabilitation Just For Women

An Environment that Supports Women

Each person responds to a dependence on drugs or alcohol differently and requires a personalized rehabilitation program. However, men and women also respond differently to some aspects of addiction and require a different approach to recovery. The New River Wellness Center is an example of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that caters to women.

Women Seeking Recovery

In some cases, it is not recommended for the person to try to quit taking drugs or alcohol on their own. This is because there could be medical issues that arise when the substances are stopped. The safest and easiest way to get past the first stages or recovery is with supervised medical detox. This will also ensure that the patient doesn’t try to find her substance of choice to relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

Women, who are looking for a means to throw off an addiction to prescription drugs, alcohol or illicit drugs, have gender-specific challenges. Both traditional and holistic treatments are recommended for a well-rounded recovery for the body, mind and spirit.

Women, who become addicted to alcohol or drugs because of a mental disorder, should get treatment for that as well as their addiction.

What is a Recovery Program?

An addiction recovery program usually begins with detoxification. This takes from one day to one week depending on the amount of time the substance was abused and the type of substance. This period can be unpleasant because there will be withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, the health care professionals will administer safe medication to minimize the ill effects. The caregivers may also treat any other medical issues that may cause the dependency on drugs. For example, if a person becomes addicted to prescription pain killers because of back pain, the back pain also needs to be treated.
Once the patient’s body is rid of the drugs or alcohol, there are psychological aspects of addiction that need to be addressed such as the reason the person became addicted in the first place. These are treated with psychiatry, behavioral health therapy, family counseling and meditation. Some facilities also offer dietitians, massage, acupuncture and yoga.

Outpatient Treatment

Once the woman is well on her way to recovery, she may want to get back to her daily life. Many women continue to attend counselling and group discussions and other treatments on a regular basis while living at home.

It is possible to recover from substance abuse and live a drug-free life. The right rehabilitation treatment is essential for each individual’s unique situation to get them back on the road to good health. Many women have special issues that require therapies that are specifically designed for women of all ages.

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