Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kairos Pro GS-2800 Gaming Mouse Pad by Sentey Review

I recently was given the opportunity to review the Kairos Pro GS-2800 Gaming Surface by Sentey for free in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased opinion on their product.

If you are hard core gamer or even a beginner you know how important a mouse pad can be to you playing. It could be the difference between you winning or losing. I know for my husband and daughter this has been a real big issue with them because their mouse would either get stuck on the mouse pad or they would go completely off of the mouse pad because it was to small. Now recently my family was given the wonderful opportunity to review the Kairos Pro GS-2800 Gaming Surface from Sentey and even though I am not that much of a gamer myself I do have to say that I can clearly see the difference in this gaming surface vs traditional mouse pads. It is so much bigger, stays in place no matter what type of surface you have it on and best part yet is that my families gaming capabilities have gotten even better because they are not constantly having to stop because of their original mouse pad.

I have even found myself taking back the gaming surface to use for myself because I really like how big it is, that it stays in place and does not move on me when I am in the middle of working. Also for me as a mom I really like that the gaming surface is made with Natural Eco Friendly Rubber.

Product Description:

  • Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad Medium Friction Level / Natural Eco Friendly Rubber
  • Support and 100% compatible with many mouse models and brand
  • Mouse Pad Gaming Edge-Style Standard - Non-Slip Rubber Base / Hard Plastic PVC
  • 5 mm thickness / Professional Series Surface / Mouse Pad (12.1 x 10 inches)
  • Mouse Pad Gaming - Mousepad - Mouse Pad - Mouse Pad Gaming - Gaming Mouse Pad - Mouse pad 1 year warranty

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