Monday, March 2, 2015

How to attract more online customers

4 Methods to Attract More Online Customers

When building an eCommerce website, your primary concern is to attract people to purchase your goods. Although you may have good descriptions for your items and use keywords properly, it still won't be enough in order to become an online success. This is especially true in today's web-based economy as there are so many options available for proper marketing. What can you do to engage more visitors and make greater sales from your eCommerce site?

SEO Practices

Most of the online store builder applications you'll find today will have search engine optimization capabilities. This is usually an automated process that takes the work out of making sure your site is visible in various search engines. If you don't have SEO capabilities, you can still do a great deal of maintenance manually. The automated process just makes SEO much easier than trying to do it on your own.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Although pay-per-click is getting more expensive to maintain, it still holds true as one of the more cost-effective methods of marketing. Thanks to technologies developed in search engines and social media sites, PPC ads can be set to target specific demographics. This is greatly beneficial if you're targeting specific kinds of people of certain age groups or in precise locations.

Active Social Media

Social sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can be a great boon for attracting customers. However, it takes a great deal of effort to build a reliable customer-base and constant vigilance of the accounts. You can't just post one or two status updates in a month and expect results. Some companies keep the content flowing on social sites throughout the entire day.

Affiliate Programs

Some eCommerce solutions will allow you to operate your own affiliate campaign. This is when you offer a certain percentage of sales to those that advertise your banners or links on their own websites. Essentially, you're paying other people to help you sell your products which could vastly increase your business reputation. Depending on your markup and the percentage of the sale you're offering, it's possible to experience an influx of customers in a relatively short amount of time.

Owning an online store can be exciting and quite profitable if you put effort into maintaining the site. These are only a few ways that can help you increase quality traffic. While these guidelines have been beneficial for others in the past, feel free to modify and adapt your own techniques to the above methods. After all, each online store is unique and may benefit from different ideas.

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