Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Life Of A T-Shirt

Dress Like a Celebrity in Nothing More Than a T-Shirt

It seems as if celebrities are always wearing things from exotic locations. Whether they are working the red carpet or relaxing at a trendy café, they often tell photographers that they bought a particular outfit while traveling outside of the United States.

Global Garments Sold Locally

You don’t need to be a celebrity—or even have a passport—to get a t-shirt that was made in a foreign country. In fact, you could be wearing a t-shirt from Bangladesh or Turkey right now. These are two of the many different countries that produce the majority of this casual, cotton wardrobe staple. Other countries that often manufacture t-shirts include:

·         India
·         Vietnam
·         Indonesia
·         China
·         Malaysia
·         Hong Kong
·         Colombia
·         Mexico
·         Honduras

Even before the cotton reaches one of these countries, chances are your favorite T has already crossed a few different international borders as it is spun, knitted, and dyed. Before it hits the shelves of your favorite store, it will likely cross a few more borders.

Basic, Not Boring

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the journey that this global garment make as it is manufactured. Your favorite t-shirt may be considered basic, but its manufacturing lifecycle is anything but boring.

Life of a t-shirt infographic
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