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The Evolution Of The Handbag

The Evolution of the Handbag

The handbag that you know and love today is not all that different than the bags carried by women centuries ago. Designed more for functionality rather than style, the first handbags performed the same basic job that today’s purses perform. What has slowly evolved over time is the use of the handbag as a status symbol, combining colors, style, materials, and design to show off a woman’s social standing.

Accessories of the Past

Hundreds of years ago, women’s accessories were used for very basic purposes. Its practicality made it a necessity for women, allowing them to carry their belongings, either for personal use or for everyday work. Over time, women began to see and compare their bags, just as women do today, leading towards greater focus on the style and quality of the bag.

Modern Designs

Today’s handbags are the epitome of style. Many women are drawn to expensive bags that use only the best materials and come straight off the runway. While their functionality is generally the same as the handbags used by women hundreds of years ago, today’s modern designs allow carriers to show off their social standing, personal style, and attention to detail.

Looking at how handbags have evolved over the centuries, it is easy to see that women have always wanted a bag that looks good while also carrying important items. Check out this infographic for a more in-depth look at how bags have changed, and how they have stayed the same, over the years.

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