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What Do Your Sneaker's Say About You?

What Your Tennis Shoes say about You

Tennis shoes moved into the mainstream decades ago, and they’re still one of the top choices in footwear. Walk into any shoe store in the nation and you’ll find a range of tennis shoes to choose from, but what are your sneakers saying about you? Knowing what messages your shoes are saying will help you choose the right pair for almost anything.

Tourist or Local

Overseas travelers appreciate the importance of dressing like the locals. Wearing a brand of shoes that’s only available in another country is sure to mark you as a tourist, and that’s a disadvantage when you’re trying to negotiate prices at the local market. It you’re heading to a new area, try to pick up footwear that’s consistent with what the locals wear.

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Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness

Shoes are on the ground all the time and are going to get dirty, but wearing filthy shoes sends the wrong message. When your shoes are clean and tidy, people assume that you’re just as clean and tidy in your other personal habits. If your shoes have become so filthy that cleaning them just isn’t an option, then you might want to treat yourself to a new pair.

Leaders and their Followers

When you slip on a pair of shoes that all of your friends have, you subconsciously send the message that you’re a follower. There’s nothing wrong with following the crowd on certain things, but you may prefer to send the message that you’re a leader. To do so, choose a unique pair of shoes that you won’t find in your local gym or the halls of your school. You may need to shop at a place like Sneaker Kings to find unique shoes that your friends don’t have, but you’ll send the clear image that you’re a leader. You also may start a new trend yourself.

Style Always Matters

Whether you follow the trends or want to set them yourself, style always matters. People don’t care about the cost of quality of a shoe if it’s an ugly addition to your wardrobe. When shopping for new shoes, always look at the style and colors to be sure that they match your personality and are a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

You cannot go wrong with sneakers, but you should be careful about the messages that your sneakers are sending. Invest in the right pair to create the right message. When they start to become uncomfortable or are too dirty to see the designs, then it’s time for a new pair.

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  1. I hadn't thought about my footwear when traveling as a key to helping me negotiate! Great thoughts!

  2. Well I think those who see my sneakers will think I'm plain and boring, mine are totally white leather or black so not sure if 'll be see n as tourist or a local

  3. I like the pink and black ones.

  4. I think my sneakers tell people I clearly don't wear them often enough! The rest of me out of shape proves it! LOL

  5. I’m in deep, deep trouble. I only wear one brand of gym shoes. I have a pair that is nice for when I go out and a pair that is older for mowing the grass and even outings where I know I will get dirty … is that bad? I’m never a follower because I don’t follow trends. My sense of style is just that … I dress for me and I am awesome! ;)


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