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Dressing For Your Workplace

Work It at Work In a Professional Way: Looks For the Office You Can Rock

If you work in an office setting, you’ll want to keep in mind that looking professional is a big part of the job—most of the time. Staying open to the idea of new wardrobe styles is a great way to expand your clothing horizons. Even if you aren’t the greatest at picking out what looks best for you and your body, let it be known that you can teach yourself these things and learn how to work it at work… and keep your job.

When you go shopping for your work clothes, try to remember what the latest trends are within the careerwardrobe world. The trick is to create a style that’s unique to you while still staying fresh and up to date with your look and not being too risqué. Current fashion trends include graphic and vivid prints, black and white color block, and for both men and women, the color pink. The appealing thing about fashion is that not only does it change quite frequently, but it also tends to repeat itself over the years. Styles that were trendy back in the 1990s and early 2000s are coming back in full swing nowadays, so if you happened to hang onto some items from this fashion epoch, you may well have something phenomenal for the office on your hands.

Female models Female modelsFemale models

Personal shopper at Neiman Marcus, Chris Lynam, well understands the difficulty many people have when choosing styles of outfits that work for them in the office, on the sales floor, or on the road for business trips. The problem is that too many people mix together too many different trends in one outfit, and it turns out looking sloppy or and poorly planned out. The key here is to stick to one specific fashion trend for each workday. If you’re planning on rocking some outrageous socks with a rolled hem, be sure to keep the rest of the fabrics neutral and simple. Another look that works for many varying body types is a one-piece dress that features an elegant and colorful graphic design. These types of dresses can be quite attractive to those admiring while also being great your workplace confidence.

Another beautiful and simple office outfit option—especially right now—is the black and white combo package. What is color blocking? If you don’t know, this is the practice of featuring colors in “blocks” or chunks as a design on fabrics. Surprisingly, this particular fashion trend is extremely flattering on many different body types and is also a go-to option for days off as well. Go try on a dress or skirt with black and white color blocking and see if it works for you—you’ll know right away if it feels like a match for your personal taste.
 ModCloth Colorblocking Short Short Sleeves Fit & Flare Something to Celebrate Dress Lauren Ralph Lauren Dress - Color Block Lace_2
We don’t all have the option to appear on the TV series “What Not to Wear,” but we can inform ourselves of the different workplace clothing options on our own. All it takes is a little research and perhaps chatting with one of the people who work in the fitting room of the store you’re checking out. Don’t be afraid to engage with these wardrobe pros and ask them what they think about various outfits you might be trying on. Rock your new found confidence at work with a brand new fashionable addition to your wardrobe this summer! 


  1. I love that color block skirt - perfect for the office and you can just switch out the top to be ready to go out!

  2. I really love the socks idea my husband often laughs of my black slacks and childish socks, it is how I keep fun

  3. I love the brown skirt outfit in the top, left pic. Super awesome boots too.

  4. I admit that I often have trouble with "professional clothing" as it is just isn't my natural style and I like that it seems this company makes it easy for those like me even to get the right look!

  5. Ahh, the importance of dressing appropriately for work. I’ve always found that the better I dress, the better I feel BUT that is just me. Let me note that I LOVE socks … funky socks are awesome. They are my “thing” …. Love this post!

  6. SO. MUCH. TRUTH!!! Gotta make sure we have career appropriate pieces in our wardrobes, especially that little black and white dress!!


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