Monday, June 16, 2014

Personal Matchmaking Services

Matchmaking Goes Beyond the Introduction  Successful

When matchmaking services first started to hit the consumer market, they focused on introducing singles at random. The hope was that members of an exclusive club or online website would magically find suitable partners if they were exposed to a high number of potential suitors. The problem is that successful relationships need far more than an introduction. What happens after two people discover that they have a lot in common and want to get to know one another better?
Many modern matchmaking services still consider their jobs done once they have made a successful introduction. They consider it a match made and pat themselves on the backs. Unfortunately, many of those new relationships fail before a trip to the altar because the people involved in the match do not have the skills needed to successfully sustain a relationship in the long term.

This is why elite personal matchmaking services now offer extensive guidance to club members before and after they meet their perfect match. All singles looking for love can use a bit of help when it comes to open, clear communication. Some singles may benefit from assertiveness training while others need to learn to back down and allow their partner to shine at times.
The ability to recognize and respect boundaries is another skill set that matchmaking professionals may help clients master. Many relationships fail to thrive because one or both people involved do not know how to clearly identify boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. Assertiveness training and basic issues of respect can cross with boundary training sessions.

Once two people make a connection and decide that they want to spend more time together, matchmaking professionals need to dig in deeper to ensure that both individuals are ready for a successful relationship. In some cases, singles may choose not to actively date until they have a better grasp on major issues that interfered with their relationships in the past. This doesn't mean that the single doesn't need a matchmaker. It simply means that the service needs to work a bit harder to ensure the past does not repeat itself for that single.

A modern matchmaking service will stand by all clients until they are confident in their relationship skills. They give each individual greater attention in order to improve the marketability of the overall club. Each single becomes a better catch, and the club gains greater prestige in the industry. When services move beyond introductions, everyone wins.

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  1. I have a dear friend who I think this could help. She is 35 and single and very picky about guys. I really want her to find "the one" but it just isn't happening and she needs to take further steps I think! I will have to tell her about this!


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