Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coalstal Eye Glasses

    Do you have a prescription for eyeglasses that need to filled? Then you really should Check out Right now you can get a pair of eyeglasses for free all you have to pay is shipping. I got mine and they only cost me around $12.50. They have so many cute designers, colors and frames to choose from. Coastal also offer Contact Lenses.
Designer Eyeglasses and Brand Name Contact Lenses
     They also have a really cool program where you can upload your picture or take a picture and try on the glasses to see how they look on you. The other good thing about them is that if you get  your glasses and your not  happy with them they will except them back for ones that you do like. So if you would like to check them out then head on over to their site and when you check enter code - First Pair Free.

They also offer another deal too:
Save 30% on All Frames and All Lenses!

They can also visit their Facebook pageTwitter , email
or you can reach them by Toll-free Phone: 1-866-333-6888

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  1. I need to choose a frame that suits me and I found one that works. I noticed rectangular frames suit me, but somehow look a bit too much.
    Frames For Glasses


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