Thursday, December 27, 2012

DBM Gifts and Collectables

DBM Gifts and Collectables

I recently had the opportunity to check out this wonderful business.The review here is 100% my own opinion and is no way influenced what so ever. She has so many wonderful items to look at. I purchased this wonderful bracelet from her for my daughter for christmas. Not only did she ship it to me but the shipping was less then what we thought it was going to be so she returned to difference back to me. Also if there is anything that you might be looking for she will do her best to try to find it for you too.

Here is the item that i purchased from her, it was only $5.00

Here is a little information about her and the company:
Gifts!!Fun!!Something for everyone!
To provide high end merchandise at a competitive price
A unique gift store to fulfill all your specialty needs.
General Information:
We are a small entreprenuer company, that took the recent resession and did something positive. We have great gifts, at great prices.
I absolutely love buying and supporting from small businesses.
They sell electronics, de walt, black and decker power tools, beautiful tibetan jewelry purses, all kinds of gadgets for your ipad, iphone, ipod, video games, silk scarves, and much more you'll just have to come out and see us.

 You contact her through the following ways:

Website http//

Please also make sure to check out her Facebook page


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